Putzmeister is now the associated member of IREDES!


For over 30 years Putzmeister has been designing, developing and producing concrete spraying equipment for rock-support in tunnels and underground mining. The experience acquired over these years together with ongoing investment in research and development have made Putzmeister a leading company in this field of application. The spraying range is complemented by low profile concrete mixing and transport equipment.

The main components of Putzmeister concrete spraying equipment, spraying arm, concrete pump, chassis and control software, are designed, developed and produced in-house. Headquartered in Madrid with a worldwide distribution and service network, Putzmeister Underground provides a quick and efficient after-sales service. Worldwide warehouses guarantee the availability of spare parts at the moment they are needed. Putzmeister´s technicians are certified as ‘Nozzlemen’ by EFNARC (European Federation for Specialist Construction Chemicals and Concrete Systems) to train operators in the proper and efficient use of shotcreting equipment, increasing the productivity and working life of the equipment as well as operator safety.

The IREDES office is waiting until the 17th of January for comments and suggestions about Concrete Spraying profile. The draft is available for registered users in the member's download area.

IREDES meeting turned out to be very successful again. We hosted IREDES members (Minetronics, New Boliden, Normet, Sandvik) and special guests from Putzmeister Ibérica S.A.. Together we managed to collect most interesting ideas and exchange useful experience. As usually now it is the time for us to prepare profile schema, which will be soon available to participants on IREDES website.

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